Windows 7 file copy problems

I have few Windows 7 users at work that started to report an issue (which I actually experienced myself too) with copying large files or large amount of files across the network.

The problem was, whenever user started to copy something, progress bar stops and once clicking “Cancel” button, it just hangs saying “Cancelling…” and staying like that forever. Once you manage to kill that window and trying to shutdown the system, computer hangs on “Logging off”  message and the only option is to use a hard reset.

Anyway, quite annoying stuff that loads of people are having problems with.

The question is … why? Oh why Microsoft??

Microsoft implemented into their operating systems, a technology called TCP Chimney Offload that allows the work associated with moving data across a network to be offloaded from the host computer’s CPU to the network adapter as well as Receive-Side Scaling, which resolves the single-processor bottleneck by allowing the receive side network load from a network adapter to be shared across multiple processors.
Both this features work well on MS Windows Server editions, but are causing problems on Windows 7 as well as 8, also certain network adapters just simply cannot cope with that.

The best way is just to simply turn them off, we don’t really need them on our home or work computers anyway.

to do so we just need to open Command Prompt and execute two netshell commands:

To disable TCP Chimney Offload

netsh int tcp set global chimney=disabled

To disable Receive-Side Scalling

netsh int tcp set global rss=disabled

Reboot and thats us sorted.

P.S. Respectively “enabled” at the end enables both features.

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