Scriptomatic 2.0

Imagine, you are a scripting guru, well known on the “intertubes” and loads of Windows admins praise you every day for the amazing job you do … but there’s more, you are married, and your wife is a real live “Scripting Wife”!
Meet The Scripting Guys.

but … its not about them, its about one of the tool they’ve developed.

Scriptomatic, now version 2.0 is a tool that helps to write WMI based scripts, but what’s really cool about it is “in the process, teaches you the fundamental concepts behind writing WMI scripts for yourself“. Unlike the previous version, Scriptomatic v.2 now not only supports vbs, it also helps to write scripts in Perl, Pyton and Java Script.
I used to use version 1, but then I forgot about Scriptomatic completely but I just recently started using it again. Very helpful tool indeed!

Altiris, which I use a lot at work has its own WMI classes, which is very nice as using Scriptomatic you can squeeze loads of handy information out of remote PC within seconds … and create report out of it if necessary. or create a script, or a part of the script … for your script etc.  :)

You can download the latest version from here.

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