Browser Hijack PUP uninstall script

There are many PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) out there in interwebs, that inet users may accidentally download and install. The most annoying ones are browser hijackers, toolbars and other similar crapware. If you work with large number of computers its just a matter of time someone will ask you to help removing such crapware … and then, why not use a one-click script that will do all job for you? You can even push and execute it remotely.
I quickly wrote a script today that uninstalls software, then resets all browsers to default. The only thing that has to be altered in the script is the program name, to do so, download and extract bellow script to C:\uninstallscript, then edit uninstall.vbs with notepad and insert program name as it is displayed in Add Remove Programs. Then runscript.bat.

you can download script from here (ZIP)

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